What to Do When Locked Out of Your House: A Step-by-Step Guide

You come home from work and realize that you grabbed your new set of car keys and you don’t have the house key on that set. You go up to your door and are unable to get into your home. A house lockout situation is never fun. Learn what to do when you find yourself in that type of situation.

Step One, Stay Calm:

Don’t let yourself start to panic simply because you are unable to get into your house. The situation that you are in is not going to last and you will be back inside soon enough. Take a deep breath and start to work your way out of the mess.

Step Two, Check All of the Windows and Doors:

When you are locked out of the house, you may be able to find your way inside in a nontraditional manner. If you have left a main level window unlocked, you can open that window, take out the screen, and get inside. Go around your house, carefully checking each window and door to see if you might be able to use one of them to get inside.

Step Three, Think About Whether or Not There is a Spare Key Somewhere:

There might have been a point shortly after you moved into your house where you gave an extra key to a family member so that they would have it if you ended up locked out of the house. Take a moment to consider if you did that or not, especially if you moved in a long time ago and you don’t remember the details of the move very well.

Step Four, Reach Out for Help:

Your best bet for getting inside your home if you cannot find an unlocked door or a key that you can use is to get a locksmith to help you. You can get a professional to your house who will be able to unlock your door for you without messing up the doorknob or causing any other issues. Contact someone local and mobile who will be able to come to you quickly so that you do not have to stand outside your home for longer than necessary.

Step Five, Plan for the Future:

As a locksmith is getting your door open for you, talk to them about actions that you can take to avoid being locked out of your house in the future. They may recommend installing a smart lock or they may set you up with extra keys that you can have around for the next time that you forget to take a set with you. Ask them for advice so that you don’t have to call them again right after they have done work for you.

Everyone messes up and ends up in situations like the one that you have found yourself in. No one wants to be outside their own home and unable to get inside. Know what to do when you don’t have a key for the door and make a plan so that you don’t end up in a similar mess in the future.