What Impacts the Tyres Prices – All You Need to Know

When it comes to buying new tyres, the very first thing that comes to mind is the price which can vary from brand to brand, types, and sizes of tyres.  However, tyre prices can also vary significantly due to various other reasons.

Understanding these factors is crucial to make an informed yet economical decision. You can explore the key factors that can influence the tyre price here;

Tyre Size and Type

The most common factor that can influence the tyre price is the tyre sizes and prices. Usually, large-size and specialized tyres such as off-road experts or sports car tyres are more expensive than casual small-size wheels.

You can check your vehicle manual to know what size tyres will perfectly fit your vehicle or also seek professional assistance to make the right selection.

Tread Pattern and Material

The next most important factor that can impact the tyre price is the tread pattern or design and the compound. Tread patterns play a pivotal role in the traction and handling of vehicles over wet and dry roads which makes it an important factor to consider when buying tyres.

Tyres with unique and innovative tread patterns and specialized rubber compounds that are optimized for smooth and safe driving on all types of roads and in harsh weather usually command more prices than others.

Brand and Quality

Tyres quality depending on the manufacturing technology and the brand you choose to buy new tyres can also impact the price. Local tyres are often cheaper than branded tyres.  However, branded tyres are always more reliable and durable than local ones and can greatly enhance both the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your vehicle.

Raw Material

The raw material that is used to manufacture and design a tyre can also greatly influence the tyre price. The reason is that the raw materials such as synthetic rubber, natural rubber, steel, and petroleum-based chemicals price keep fluctuating due to various factors especially increased market demand, and supply shortage issues which automatically influence the tyre prices.

Additional Services

The tyre prices can be influenced by additional services and insurance coverage offered by tyre manufacturing and providing companies or retailers. These additional services can include doorstep delivery, tyre fixation, and repair or maintenance.

Competition And Market Demand

The last factor that can commonly influence tyre prices is competition among tyre manufacturers and retailers, and market demand. Consumer demands for specific tyre brands, models, designs, and features can also impact the pricing decisions because most retailers make price adjustments to attract more customers and maintain market share.

Bottom Line

To sum it up, the price of car tires can be influenced by multiple factors such as brand, manufacturing technology, manufacturers, area or region, and market demand. You can consider these factors to make informed decisions when purchasing tires that suit best your needs and budget.

Make sure to never compromise on your comfort and safety for cheap prices, and always prefer branded tyres, manufactured with cutting-edge technology.