Smart Choices: Exploring The Most Affordable Virtual Offices In London 

It isn’t easy to justify renting a physical office in London if you’re a startup or are simply frugal with your money. Renting a prime office might cost £90 per square foot. In other words, thousands of pounds would be spent annually if you tried to organize a distinguished traditional address.

Furthermore, should you choose to grow your staff in the future, you could have to cope with excessive overhead costs and out-of-pocket payments.

Many companies use virtual offices as a more convenient and cost-effective option. The cost of a virtual office is significantly lower than that of a physical workplace. You can get a professional-looking address for a small portion of the cost while getting additional virtual office advantages.

This article explores virtual offices and determines the most affordable all-inclusive service available.

What Are Virtual Offices?

Since virtual workplaces are subscription-based, there are no upkeep or running expenses. After purchasing your base plan, you can add additional services to it. The monthly fee will increase with the number of services you add.

You usually get a business address and mail or document handling as part of the base package. Additional services, such as phone answering, emailing and scanning mail, and conference space rentals, are also available.

The average cost varies according to the area. If you want to work with one of the top providers, the cheapest virtual office London cost is around £50. However, some can provide premium services at lower than typical pricing. There are no hidden fees if you select a reputable, long-standing service.

Examine the included benefits before agreeing to any plan to ensure that no extras have been inadvertently added to your bills.

Virtual Office Price Comparison

Although the virtual office industry is still relatively young, many businesses are willing to work with your company. Competition increases the options and services available. There are three categories into which the typical virtual office expenses for London addresses may be divided: budget, mid-range, and premium.

An affordable monthly payment falls between £15 and £35. Depending on the package you purchase, you’ll get a smaller or greater range of services. The services include mail processing, drop-off, and pick-up locations; higher-tier plans include call forwarding, scanning, emailing, and forwarding.

Mid-range providers have monthly fees that begin at £50. It could occasionally involve member-only events, call and document processing, and more.

The Most Affordable Virtual Offices In London

Virtual Offices In London

Mail management and location are the two key components of a virtual office’s price. The postal processing might change according to the kind of package you choose. Here are some of the most affordable virtual offices in London.

1. Capital Office

Businesses looking to grow and make an impression on clients and associates can use the Capital Office virtual office solution in London.

They give your company the most luxurious virtual office services. You also get several free add-ons that set you up to offer immediate credibility, professionalism, and hassle-free administration at a reasonable price.

The purpose of the virtual office packages is to enable you to expand and add value to your business without the cost and inconvenience of hiring employees or maintaining your own space or equipment. They’ll elevate and add value to your brand.

2. Regus

Regus is a formidable enterprise established in 1989 and currently in 106 nations. It’s among the biggest suppliers of flexible workplaces worldwide. Every aspect of Regus’s location oozes sophistication and expertise.

The business is especially well-suited for financial and legal experts, agencies, and big businesses. For businesses in need, virtual offices and business addresses are also offered.

3. DaVinci

In addition to other business services, Davinci Virtual provides conference rooms, coworking spaces, virtual offices, live reception, mail forwarding, and office space. They simplify looking through the coworking spaces and joining up for your desired facilities.

Plans and costs differ from address to address, so you should carefully review the specifics of any place you are considering. A simple company address is frequently included in the listed costs, with expensive extra fees for any further services.

4. Easy Offices

The virtual office offers expert phone-answering services anywhere in the UK. It is affordable if you’re not yet ready for a real workplace. Additionally, you may get started in a matter of minutes. Easy Offices offers several advantages, including a respectable business address, a local phone number, live call answering, call forwarding and transfer, meeting room access, voicemail, and voicemail to email, an online management portal, true pay-as-you-go service, and no long-term or deposit requirements.

With so many fantastic sites, your new headquarters or branch office might be only a few clicks away.

5. Orega

Small private offices with spacious open-plan serviced office suites are among the sizes of serviced offices that Orega offers. In addition, Orega offers virtual offices with prestigious corporate email domains, phone answering, and mail forwarding.

Since its founding, Orega has expanded to 24 flexible workspace centers, including coworking, meeting, virtual, and serviced spaces. Across London, it is a serviced office company offering flexible workplace options. Large enterprises and lone professionals in freelancing are among Orega’s clientele.


6. Citibox

Citibox was founded to offer a distinguished, covert, and safe substitute address for people, small enterprises, and foreign corporations requiring a “genuine” presence without the expense of maintaining an office.

It provides voicemail service, FedEx shipping, live responding, virtual offices, mail forwarding, fax bureaus, and mailbox rentals. Citibox is situated in the Greater London region. Around 14 further entries may be found in the SW7 zipcode.

Bottom Line

Compared to hiring a real facility in London, “moving” into a virtual office can save significant money. Finding a cheap virtual office address in London is also relatively easy. The price ranges from £150 and up to £15 a month. A virtual office in London costs significantly less than you might imagine. Relocating virtually outside of London doesn’t always result in lower expenses.