Samsung Debuts 3D Map Functionality Based on SmartThings and AI

Samsung Electronics announced yesterday the debut of its 3D Map View functionality, which was first introduced at CES 2024 and is currently accessible in all nations that have SmartThings access.

TakeAway Points:

  • Samsung Electronics has announced the launch of its 3D Map View functionality.
  • The 3D Map View is available on TVs and Android and iOS mobile devices via the SmartThings app.
  • Samsung is presently collaborating with construction companies to bring Map View into flats and offices in addition to homes.

3D Map View

Using the SmartThings app, Map View transforms physical floor layouts into virtual representations, simplifying home management, according to the report. At any time and location, users can easily control lighting, temperature, air quality, and energy usage while still being able to view their gadgets properly.

Map View eases smart home administration by removing the requirement to locate each device separately before utilising it, which tackles the problem of managing the increasing number of connected devices in every home worldwide. Users can view their entire home at a glance, and when more gadgets are connected, it updates in real time.

Map View 2D

The prior iteration of Map View was a 2D representation that was limited to homes with a floor plan. But this recently revised 3D Map View uses the LiDAR1 sensors in Samsung devices, like the Bespoke Jet BotTM, to precisely measure and map the layout of a home. This is made possible by spatial AI on Samsung devices. With 3D maps, customers can now comprehend the layout and dimensions of their homes with greater ease.

Additionally, the feature’s filter capability has been improved to provide more effective device control and monitoring. By the end of the year, it hopes to provide a more personalised and approachable smart service with the use of AI characters, which were also introduced at CES 2024.

Map View 3D Availability

Per the report, TVs and Android and iOS mobile devices can access Map View via the SmartThings app. Within the first half of the year, controls for the feature will also be accessible through additional hubs, like Family HubTM refrigerators.

Meanwhile, Map View was first made available in the US and Korea last year. However, it is now usable in any nation where the SmartThings app is available.

“Samsung is constantly working to enable customers to control their home devices without any inconvenience at any time and place, and Map View is the result of these efforts. We will continue to introduce a variety of relevant services and features so our customers can enjoy optimal smart home experiences with a better life.” Seungbeom Choi, Head of Device Platform Center at Samsung Electronics, said.

Furthermore, Samsung is collaborating with construction companies at present to bring Map View into flats and offices in addition to homes. By increasing capabilities, the company hopes to assist clients all over the world in creating smart surroundings. These include Quick Control, which makes it simple for users to access important features, and an optimised user experience (UX) for big screens that helps B2B operators with signage.