QuillCon CXO Mixer & CodeQuest Hackathon’23 Unite For The India Edition

QuillAudits brings to you the most awaited QuillCon CXO Mixer|India edition, happening alongside the biggest ETHIndia hackathon in Bengaluru this year-end. If you get to know the real deal, you won’t want to miss it. Here why:

What’s Happening?

QuillAudits is hosting the QuillCon CXO Mixer On December 7th, from 4 P.M. to 7 P.M. IST. It’s where visionary minds and tech enthusiasts come together to redefine the power of collaborative innovation. This time, something special is brewing – QuillCon CodeQuest, the world’s first Web3 security hackathon focused on building groundbreaking tools chosen among six diverse tracks.

Why Does It Matter?

This unique opportunity sets the stage right for the brightest minds in the Web3 space to innovate and craft cutting-edge security tools and solutions.

And guess what? At QuillCon CXO Mixer, the top 10 teams from this hackathon will present their mind-blowing ideas in front of big investors and leaders of web3. For the very first time, this presents the opportunity for web3 builders and budding talents to refine the safety clutches of web3.

The Strength of QuillAudits

QuillAudits boasts a stellar track record, having secured over 850+ web3 projects and safeguarded funds exceeding $30B+. With a history of forming 400+ partnerships, QuillAudits stands tall as a symbol of trust and expertise in the realm of Web3 security.

QuillCXO Mixer – What’s Different This Time?

This event has been a hit in Goa, Singapore, and Dubai, and now it’s hitting Bengaluru! This time, it’s even more exciting because it’s happening alongside the hackathon winners showcasing their genius ideas. It’s all about pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the tech world.

Why Should You Be There?

At QuillCon CXO Mixer, you’ll get to meet and shake hands with big shots of the web3 world. It’s a chance to chat, connect, and maybe even team up for something incredible.

You might have an idea that could change the game in web3 security. This event could be the launchpad for that idea. You’ll get a chance to learn from the best minds in the industry, get feedback on your ideas, and maybe even find collaborators who share your vision.

A Gateway to Opportunities– Step into the world of visionary founders, innovative thinkers, and budding talents shaping the future of Web3. Engage in enlightening discussions, forge meaningful connections, and explore avenues for potential partnerships and collaborations.

Your Chance to Contribute– Whether you’re a tech enthusiast seeking to understand the realm of Web3 security or an innovator ready to revolutionize it, your presence at QuillCon CXO Mixer is your ticket to contributing significantly to this dynamic field.

Setting a New Benchmark– The past events have seen some amazing partnerships with big names like Flipkart, Shardeum, Polygon, BNB Chain, CoinDCX and so on. This time, it’s going to be even bigger and better.

Notable Ventures Joining This Time

Let’s unveil a sneak peek into the remarkable web3 ventures joining for the India edition of QuillCon CXO Mixer & CodeQuest Hackathon’23.

Kreatorverse takes the spotlight, partnering with QuillAudits as a co-sponsor and host for this groundbreaking event.

But that’s not all! The list keeps growing, with esteemed names like Zeeve, CoinGape, NEAR, CoinVeda, Bitrue,Thenewscrypto and an array of prominent partners stepping in to make this edition an unparalleled success.

Ready to Join?

This isn’t just an event; it’s a chance to show your love for Web3. Whether you’re an inventor with a genius idea or just someone curious about the future of web security, this event is for you.

Book your spot here: https://lu.ma/quillconindia and be part of shaping the future of web3 security!

About QuillAudits

With Web3 encountering losses surpassing $1.4B in 2023 due to hacks and fraudulent activities, QuillAudits emerges as the solution. Specializing in smart contract security, the company provides an extensive range of auditing services vital for projects aiming to establish a secure foothold in the Web3 landscape. Over the last 5 years, QuillAudits has secured more than 850 projects from the grasp of hacks, meticulously auditing over 1M+ lines of code, showcasing its unwavering commitment to ensuring the safety and integrity of Web3 ventures.