Mega Heater Reviews 2023: Scam Or Legit? best portable heater With Good Ingredients Backed By Consumer Reports, Amazon, Side Effects, Complaints And Website Price.

As winter’s icy grip tightens across the United States and Canada, finding an effective heating solution becomes paramount. Mega Heater emerges as a beacon of warmth in this chilly landscape, offering a state-of-the-art electric space heater that excels in providing cozy comfort during the harshest of winters. Designed to save space and maximize efficiency, Mega Heater is not just any ordinary heating appliance; it’s a versatile, wall-mounted solution tailored for homes, offices, and other indoor spaces in the USA and Canada.

Mega Heater is engineered with advanced ceramic technology, ensuring rapid heating in just three seconds. Its adjustable thermostat, versatile timer function, and multiple heat settings make it a customizable heating solution, perfectly suited for both small and medium-sized rooms. With the frigid winters in mind, this heater is built to optimize energy efficiency, helping to keep utility bills manageable while ensuring a warm and cozy environment. Let’s delve deeper into the specifications, features, and the unique advantages that Mega Heater brings to homes in the USA and Canada during the cold season.


Mega Heater is an innovative and efficient electric space heater designed to offer supreme comfort during the winter months, particularly in the chilly climates of the USA and Canada. What sets Mega Heater apart is its space-saving design, which allows it to be conveniently wall-mounted, ensuring it doesn’t consume precious floor space. With an emphasis on user comfort and convenience, Mega Heater features an adjustable thermostat and multiple heat settings, giving users complete control over the level of warmth they desire. The timer function allows for automated heating schedules, while overheat protection provides peace of mind by shutting off the unit in case of excessive temperature. Mega Heater’s energy-efficient operation is not only budget-friendly but also environmentally responsible. It operates quietly, ensuring a peaceful atmosphere in homes and offices. With a digital display and remote control for added ease of use, this portable heater offers both functionality and flexibility, making it a go-to choice for combating the harsh winters of the USA and Canada.

Mega Heater’s compact, space-saving design, efficient heating capabilities, and user-friendly features make it an ideal choice for those seeking supplemental heating in specific areas or rooms. Whether you’re looking to create a warm and cozy bedroom, maintain a comfortable workspace, or ensure a toasty bathroom during the winter, Mega Heater offers an elegant solution. Its versatility and focus on energy efficiency, coupled with its safe and reliable operation, position it as a compelling choice for those aiming to enhance their winter comfort in the USA and Canada.

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Mega Heater is no ordinary heating device; its specifications are tailor-made to tackle the biting cold of the USA and Canada. With an astonishingly fast heating time of just three seconds, it ensures you experience warmth almost instantly. Operating at 800 watts and featuring an advanced ceramic technology, this wall-mounted heater is designed to warm spaces efficiently. The LED thermostat provides precise temperature control in the range of 60°F to 90°F, while the timer and two-speed fan offer customizable heating solutions. Its 270° plug rotation allows you to adjust the airflow direction to suit your needs. Moreover, Mega Heater is ETL tested for safety and features three blades in a compact form factor measuring 5.6″ x 5.6″ x 3.5″.


  1. Compact Design: Mega Heater is ingeniously designed to save space, making it an excellent choice for the USA and Canada’s small rooms or areas with limited floor space. Its wall-mounted design ensures that it doesn’t occupy valuable floor space, allowing for more flexibility in room layout and furniture arrangement.
  2. Adjustable Thermostat: One of the standout features of Mega Heater is its adjustable thermostat. This feature empowers you to take precise control of the desired temperature in your room. Whether you prefer a toasty warmth or a more moderate heat level, you can customize it to suit your comfort.
  3. Timer Function: Mega Heater can be programmed to turn on and off at specific times. This timer function offers convenience, allowing you to pre-set the heating schedule to match your daily routine. You can wake up to a warm room in the morning or return to a cozy home after work.
  4. Multiple Heat Settings: The Mega Heater often includes low and high heat settings. These settings give you flexibility in choosing the intensity of heat you require. During extreme cold weather in the USA and Canada, you can set it to high for rapid warmth, and switch to low for more moderate heating.
  5. Overheat Protection: Safety is paramount, and Mega Heater takes it seriously. This heater is equipped with overheat protection, a crucial feature that prevents the device from reaching dangerous temperatures. In the event of overheating, the unit will automatically shut off, ensuring safety for you, your family, your furnishings, and your home.
  6. Energy-Efficient: Mega Heater is designed with an emphasis on energy efficiency. It uses electricity efficiently, helping you keep your utility bills under control while enjoying the warmth you need. This feature makes it an economic choice for continuous heating during the colder months in the USA and Canada.
  7. Quiet Operation: Unwanted noise can be disruptive, especially in the home or office. Mega Heater operates quietly, minimizing any disturbance in your living or working environment. You can enjoy a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere while staying warm.
  8. Digital Display: The Mega Heater provides temperature and timer information through its digital display. This feature ensures that you have clear and convenient access to real-time data about the heater’s operation.


Yes, Mega Heater is a legitimate and reputable heating solution. It has garnered positive reviews and is designed to provide efficient, safe, and effective heating, particularly in the colder climates of the USA and Canada. The product’s features, energy efficiency, and customer satisfaction testimonials demonstrate its reliability and performance. When used according to the provided instructions and safety guidelines, Mega Heater is a trusted choice for staying warm during the winter months.


Mega Heater truly works. It’s designed to efficiently and effectively provide warmth in indoor spaces, and it has received positive feedback from satisfied users. Its features, such as an adjustable thermostat, multiple heat settings, and overheat protection, ensure its functionality and safety. When used as directed, Mega Heater is a reliable heating solution that can help keep your room warm and cozy during the colder months.


Mega Heater is a top-notch heating solution for the USA and Canada’s winter, and its merits are numerous:

Space-Saving Efficiency: Mega Heater’s wall-mounted design maximizes space in your rooms, ideal for homes with limited floor space.

Energy-Efficiency: Engineered to provide efficient heating, Mega Heater ensures that you stay warm without breaking the bank on your energy bills.

Quick Heat: With its proximity to the electrical outlet, Mega Heater rapidly warms up rooms, ensuring you stay comfortable in no time.

Easy Installation: Simple wall mounting and plug-in installation make it a hassle-free process, even for those without technical expertise.

Zone Heating: Mega Heater allows you to heat specific areas, reducing the need to heat the entire space and saving energy.

Silent Operation: This heater operates quietly, maintaining a peaceful environment in your home.

Customizable Settings: Adjustable thermostats and heat settings give you control over the indoor temperature, suiting your preferences.

Safety Features: Mega Heater is equipped with vital safety features like overheat protection and tip-over switches to ensure your peace of mind during its operation.

Timer Function: The timer option allows you to schedule automatic on/off times, helping you save on energy costs.

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Limitations (Demerits) of Using Mega Heater:

While Mega Heater is a stellar choice for winter heating, it’s essential to be aware of its limitations:

Limited Heating Area: Mega Heater is best suited for small to medium-sized rooms and may not provide sufficient heating for larger spaces.

Installation: Wall mounting requires some installation, which may not be suitable for renters or those seeking a portable heating solution.

Initial Cost: While cost-effective in the long run, the initial purchase price can be higher compared to some portable heaters.

Uneven Heating: Wall outlet heaters may not distribute heat evenly, resulting in hot and cold spots in the room.

Permanent Placement: Once installed, they can be challenging to relocate to different areas of the room.

Aesthetic Considerations: The presence of a Mega Heater may not be aesthetically pleasing to some, impacting interior design.

Limited Features: Mega Heater may have fewer features compared to larger, standalone heaters.


Mega Heater’s versatility extends to various settings in the USA and Canada:

Homes: Ideal for bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, and other residential spaces, ensuring warmth and comfort during the coldest months.

Offices: Mega Heater can be installed in individual offices or smaller workspaces, offering additional warmth to supplement central heating.

Apartments: Perfect for apartments with limited floor space, ensuring residents remain cozy throughout the winter.

Basements: Maintains a comfortable temperature in basements, which tend to be cooler, creating a usable space even in the depths of winter.

Garages: In colder climates, Mega Heater keeps garages warm for DIY projects or vehicle maintenance, ensuring you can work comfortably.

Cabins and Cottages: A useful heating solution in remote cabins or cottages where central heating may be limited.

Guest Rooms: Ensuring your visitors are comfortable, Mega Heater is an excellent addition to guest rooms.

Waiting Rooms: Used in medical offices, salons, and other waiting areas to keep clients warm and comfortable during their visit.

Hotels: Some hotels install Mega Heaters in rooms to give guests control over their heating preferences, ensuring a pleasant stay.

Greenhouses: Ideal for maintaining the right temperature for plants in colder climates, promoting growth and health.

Workshops: Popular in workshops, studios, and hobby spaces, Mega Heater ensures you can pursue your hobbies without shivering.

Mobile Homes: A space-saving heating solution for mobile homes, keeping them warm during the harshest winter weather.


Installing Mega Heater is a straightforward process:

Select the Location: Choose a suitable wall near an electrical outlet, ensuring there are no flammable materials nearby.

Installation: Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to securely and levelly mount the heater on the wall.

Plug it in: Insert the plug into a nearby electrical outlet, making sure the outlet can handle the heater’s power requirements.

Turn it On: Mega Heaters have an on/off switch. Turn it on to start heating your space.

Set the Temperature: Adjust the thermostat or heat settings to your desired temperature, depending on the model.

Safety Precautions: Be aware of safety features like overheat protection and tip-over switches. If your heater has these features, it will automatically shut off in case of overheating or if it’s tipped over.

Monitor Operation: Keep an eye on the heater, especially during initial use, to ensure it’s functioning correctly and not overheating.

Maintain Clearances: Maintain the recommended clearances around the heater to prevent obstruction of airflow and reduce fire hazards. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for these clearances.

Turn it Off: When you no longer need the heat, switch off the heater and unplug it if possible to save energy.

Safety Checks: Periodically inspect the heater and cord for any signs of damage or wear. Replace any damaged components as needed.

Use a Timer: If your heater has a timer function, you can set it to automatically turn on or off at specific times for energy savings.

Keep Children and Pets Safe: Ensure that children and pets cannot tamper with the heater or come in contact with the hot surface.

Ventilation: Ensure that there’s proper ventilation in the room to prevent the buildup of stale air and reduce the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning (which is not typically a concern with electric heaters).

Mega Heater’s user-friendly installation process ensures that you can quickly and safely enjoy the warmth it provides during the cold winter months in the USA and Canada.

Where Can One Purchase Mega Heater:

For the USA and Canada, obtaining a genuine Mega Heater is essential to ensure quality and performance. Here’s where you can purchase Mega Heater:

Go to the official website and place an order to acquire a real Mega Heater unit. By purchasing directly from the official website, you not only guarantee that you’ll receive the original equipment but also become eligible for significant savings and promotions tailored to the USA and Canada.


Mega Heater offers competitive pricing options to cater to various needs:

1x Mega Heater unit costs $49.95 each.

2x Mega Heater units cost $47.45 each, totaling $94.91.

3x Mega Heater units cost $44.96 each, totaling $134.87.

4x Mega Heater units cost $42.46 each, totaling $169.83.

5x Mega Heater units cost $39.96 each, totaling $199.80.

These pricing tiers offer flexibility, ensuring that you can select the quantity that suits your requirements and budget. Mega Heater’s cost-effectiveness remains a hallmark of its appeal for the USA and Canada, offering a wide range of options to fit various scenarios.

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Refund Policy/ Money-Back Guarantee:

To ensure your confidence in the product, Mega Heater provides a 30-day warranty on any purchase made from their official website. Simply return the item(s) in its original, unopened packaging to receive a complete refund or replacement, minus shipping and handling. This guarantee underscores the commitment to customer satisfaction, making it a risk-free choice for the USA and Canada.


Q1: Will my electricity bill go up if I use a Mega Heater?

No, Mega Heater is designed with energy-saving technology that helps you control utility costs. In fact, it can be a cost-effective heating solution for your winter needs in the USA and Canada.

Q2: How Should a Mega Heater Be Used?

Mega Heater requires an electrical outlet to be plugged into, and the power button on the front panel or remote control to be turned on to operate. You can adjust the temperature, set a timer, and turn on or off the fan using the controls on the front panel or the remote control.

Q3: How should my Mega Heater be cleaned?

Disconnect Mega Heater from the electrical socket and turn off the electricity before cleaning. You can use a soft cloth or a brush to carefully clean the heater’s surface of any dust or debris. A vacuum cleaner can be used to clear the outlet. Avoid using any liquid or water for cleaning, as it could damage the heater.

Q4: Can I use the Mega Heater only indoors?

Yes, Mega Heater is designed for indoor use only, ensuring efficient and safe heating. It’s not suitable for outdoor events.

Q5: Where is the Mega Heater plug located?

Mega Heater is meant to be used with in-wall outlets. Direct connection to a grounded wall outlet with three prongs reduces the risk of electric shock or fire. Using an extension cable is not recommended. Be sure to follow all relevant safety precautions as outlined in the handbook before using it.


  • Michael: “In contrast to the regular unit we used to use, the Mega Heater is ideal for heating the kitchen and bathroom.”
  • Julia: “I was unsure which Julia Mega Heater to choose, but this one is ideal. It operates effectively. He successfully heats up the bath in a matter of minutes, sets a timer, and cools down to prevent burns.”
  • Andy G.: “Mega Heater is a fantastic item! I need to look at such a radiator because I have a gas boiler, and this year the cost should be very expensive. The worst that can happen if I can’t locate someone who consumes less energy is that I’ll catch a cold.”
  • Broker Natalia: “Very beneficial. It’s true that the one I bought the previous year is great for a child’s bedroom, even though it’s not as pretty in shape. You can program the model I have so it doesn’t oversaturate the area.”
  • Magdalena: “It was warm when I turned it on ten minutes earlier in a roughly five square meter washroom. With my purchase, I’m pleased.”
  • Peter: “The Mega Heater is excellent. I utilized my grooming trailer with this tiny heater. He is just 12 feet by 10 feet, yet the heater keeps him nice and toasty in this tiny space. With the heater, I’m quite happy.”
  • Daniel: “A small space can be swiftly heated with a Mega Heater. When I use it in the restroom, it heats up right away.”


In conclusion, Mega Heater stands as an exceptional heating solution for the USA and Canada, addressing the need for warmth and comfort during the harsh winter months. While not designed for large spaces, Mega Heater excels in small to medium-sized rooms, offering an efficient, customizable, and cost-effective heating experience. Its array of features, safety mechanisms, and user-friendly installation make it an attractive choice for various indoor settings, from homes and offices to garages and RVs.

Mega Heater’s commitment to energy efficiency and user satisfaction is evident, making it a reliable option for those looking to stay warm during the winter season without overspending on energy bills. With a 30-day money-back guarantee and a range of pricing options, Mega Heater offers flexibility and confidence in its performance. For those in the USA and Canada, Mega Heater proves to be a trustworthy companion for combating the winter chill, providing a cozy and efficient heating solution.

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