Mastering Profitable Trading with David Jaffee’s BestStockStrategy

In the fast-paced world of trading, finding a strategy that combines profitability with risk management is like striking gold.

David Jaffee, a former Wall Street investment banker with a net worth of $60 million, offers a unique, and profitable, approach to trading options through his BestStockStrategy platform.

David Jaffee, one of the few legitimate trading coaches, believes that selling option premium (while also strategically purchasing options) is the key to not just trading profitably, but consistently winning close to 100% of trades.

Let’s dive into the details of his approach and why many traders are turning to his wisdom.

Selling Option Premium for Consistent Wins:

Unlike some popular trading platforms that advocate frequent trading, Jaffee emphasizes discipline and patience.

He suggests that waiting for the best trade setups allows traders to maximize gains while minimizing risk.

Jaffee’s belief in the power of selling option premium is evident throughout his teachings at Options Trading Course:

Jaffee’s options trading course, available at stands out as a comprehensive guide for traders.

The course, delivered through emails, videos, screen recordings, and documents, spans 12 days.

Jaffee encourages realistic expectations, steering traders away from the notion of turning a small investment into millions.

The course covers critical aspects such as position sizing, managing challenged positions, hedging, advanced trade structures, 0DTE and 1DTE, and closing / rolling challenged trades.

Market Insights and Strategies:

Jaffee introduces his watch list, explaining the rationale behind his choices.

During bullish markets, Best Stock Strategy encourages selling put options, using ratio spreads and also purchasing hedges for a market pullback.

Jaffee believes that patience is key, advising traders to wait for market-leading underlyings to fall to the low end of their recent trading range.

Jaffee’s Impressive Track Record:

In 2023, Jaffee reported an impressive 138% gain in his small account and a 35% gain in his larger account, showcasing the effectiveness of his strategy.

@2023 Trading Results: 138% & 35% Returns! PROOF

The options trading education course covers mistakes commonly made by options traders, emphasizing the importance of patience and discipline.

Jaffee uses specific examples to caution against overconfidence, a pitfall that many traders encounter.

Live Options Trading Alerts:

For those seeking real-time guidance, Jaffee offers live options trading alerts. Members receive detailed information about his trades, including screenshots with essential details like limit price, expiration, strike price, and option type.

This transparency sets Jaffee apart, giving traders the confidence to follow his strategies.

Free Seminar and Personal Finance Insights:

Jaffee’s commitment to education extends beyond online courses.

He hosted a free options trading seminar for Miami students, emphasizing the importance of personal finance and investing.

During the seminar, Jaffee discussed his successful options trading strategy, highlighting the benefits of selling option premium for high-risk-adjusted returns.


In a world filled with trading gurus and self-proclaimed experts, David Jaffee’s BestStockStrategy stands out as a beacon of legitimacy.

With a proven track record, a comprehensive options trading course, and live alerts, Jaffee provides traders with the tools and knowledge needed to navigate the markets successfully.

If you’re serious about becoming a consistently profitable trader, consider enrolling in Jaffee’s options trading course or joining his live options trading alerts at

Don’t miss the chance to learn from one of the most credible voices in the industry.