How to Master Raid Shadow Legends: Guides, Tips, and Communities

Raid Shadow Legends is a “Gacha” role-playing game developed by Plarium Global LTD, a company behind many prestigious games such as Throne: Kingdom of War, Viking: War of Clan, and many others. 

The aim of this game is to collect, upgrade, master, and command heroes to victory. However, if you are a beginner or looking to improve your skills in this game, some guidance will be necessary to progress. Discover in this article a complete guide and tips to help you master Raid Shadow Legends.

We will look for the best site available in as many languages as possible.

Resources and Guides for Raid Shadow Legends

For some players, the game may seem easy, but in case you need help, here are some tips and tricks to master the game perfectly. – A Comprehensive Platform for Guides and Tips

On, you will find guides and tips to help you play this game well.

  • •Beginner tips to get started on RSL
  • Which champion to choose at the beginning of the game
  • How to use and earn gems
  • How to sort your artifacts
  • Personal help and coaching for your account
  • How to pay less for RSL packs

With these tips, you will be able to progress well in the game.

Comparison of Online Resources


There are various sites that provide advice and tips for playing Raid Shadow Legends well, such as, Ayumilove, Raid-Codex, etc. stands out as a comprehensive platform offering a variety of specific guides and tips on RSL.

  • In-depth information and practical advice: This platform aims to provide precise information and practical advice for players who want to play Raid Shadow Legends. It offers specialized content covering different aspects of RSL. The available guides and tips also provide a better understanding of the game, including practical advice, effective strategies, and detailed explanations to help users progress in their game.
  • Updated information: The information on RSL is also updated on the site, allowing you to always be up to date if there are changes in the game. The guides and tips are regularly revised and updated to provide relevant and current information, also corresponding to the evolution of RSL.
  • Tips available in various languages: The platform also offers linguistic diversity for its guides and tips, allowing users to enjoy detailed content in different languages such as French (FR, CA, BE), Spanish, Italian, German, English, Portuguese, Danish, Indonesian, Japanese, Russian, Chinese… thus enhancing their understanding and helping them better understand the game.

A popular website known for its guides, tutorials, and resources on various video games, especially on Raid Shadow Legends. Indeed, the site is a good source for the game.

  • Detailed and updated information: It offers detailed information on game mechanics, characters, quests, game strategies, dos and don’ts, and various other guides used in the game Raid Shadow Legend.
  • Clear and precise: The plus with this platform lies in the clarity and precision of its guides, which are often appreciated for their usefulness and ease of understanding. The tutorials are often accompanied by illustrations, videos, or screenshots to help players better understand the different facets of the game. The site has also gained popularity thanks to its engaged community and the reliability of its information.


This site also talks about Raid Shadow Legends, but the information is not up to date, and it mostly contains images rather than tips and advice on RSL.

After analysis and comparison, it was found that the tips on are more precise and updated more regularly. Ayumilove always offers the same advice, and Raid-Codex is much more visual (better UX) but not up to date. Moreover, the information is only available in English.

Online Communities for Raid Shadow Legends Players

If you are interested in this game and wish to join an online community for Raid Shadow Legends players, you can join the RSL community of Just go to the site and join their discord, which has over 14,000 members waiting for you to exchange on various topics and on Raid Shadow Legends with clan recruitments and plenty of discussions and advice that will update you on the evolution and upcoming changes of the game Raid Shadow Legends. You will also find interesting forums and discussion spaces between players. Moreover, Plarium’s discord also exceeds 190,000 members today.


Based on the research done, it can be said that is the reference for the game Raid Shadow Legends. However, for the Online Community part, Plarium’s official discord concentrates more players and more help than that of, which only offers French (95% of the time) and English (5% in English) as help on discord.

Moreover, the discord is not made for non-French speakers, while on the official discord all languages are listed. So:

  • For the site = Alucare
  • For discord = Plarium’s Official Server


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