How An HRIS Can Save Your Company Time & Money

Have you ever had to deal with a piece of HR technology that is so clunky and difficult to use that it ends up burdening your HR team with even more work? If just a simple request-to-hire requires numerous steps, time-consuming form-filling, or doesn’t allow employees to efficiently perform tasks by themselves, then it’s not just unhelpful – it’s costly! 

But fear not. HRIS (Human Resources Information System) vendors such as Martian Logic offer an intuitive solution thoughtfully designed with all users in mind. Equipped with efficiencies, automations, and a modern and slick interface, you can streamline every HR process from recruitment (Applicant Tracking System) and onboarding, all the way to change of employee conditions and offboarding. This will not only make HR-related tasks easier to manage for your HR team, but it gives managers, executives, and employees the power and convenience to manage duties themselves, ultimately saving your organisation precious time and money. 

How Does An HRIS Save Both Time & Money?

1 – Efficiencies

At its core, an HRIS should focus on enhancing efficiencies to ensure that all HR-related tasks can be conducted swiftly and accurately. For example, with just a few clicks, platforms such as Martian Logic allow for the seamless submission and approval of requests-to-hire, eliminating the need for cumbersome paperwork and lengthy email exchanges. As it offers features that support both HR professionals and managers, you can quickly obtain employee and position information, request changes, and gain the appropriate approvals all within the platform.

This comprehensive and user-friendly solution streamlines HR tasks, keeping all stakeholders on the same page and able to do what they need to do without relying on the HR team for admin tasks. As a result, time and money that was once spent navigating manual processes is now reclaimed, allowing HR professionals to redirect their efforts toward more strategic and value-added tasks.

2 – Automations

With an HRIS, you can set custom automations and notifications to trigger at each stage of your HR processes, from recruitment and onboarding software, all the way to change of conditions and offboarding. 

Take recruitment for instance – using an HRIS with a built-in Applicant Tracking System such as Martian Logic, you can progress candidates seamlessly through your unique customised stages. When a candidate is moved to a specific stage, your personalised assets and notifications are automatically triggered. This ensures that all relevant parties receive real-time updates and that candidates swiftly complete their designated tasks, such as video responses and onboarding materials. With this level of automation, you enhance communication between stakeholders, eliminate the need for manual follow-ups, and guarantee that no essential steps are missed. So, with the support of an HRIS, you can depend on these automated processes to optimise HR functions, save time, lower expenses, and boost workforce efficiency.

3 – Modern & Slick Platform

Imagine a system that’s so easy and straightforward to use that you and your team can navigate it with confidence and perform the necessary tasks quickly and independently – all without relying on burdensome email exchanges with HR. Need to update an employee’s details or request a new hire? It’s all done in a snap, no stress or hassle involved. With a modern and slick interface, an HRIS benefits not just the HR department but every individual in your organisation. It aims to prioritise making sure that everyone from executives and managers to employees and the HR team, is happy and comfortable with the platform. This solution makes lives easier, boosts efficiency, and streamlines those time-consuming admin tasks.

Key Takeaways

HRIS providers such as Martian Logic offer platforms that caters to everyone in an organisation from executives and managers to employees and HR teams. With efficiencies, automations, and a modern and slick platform, you can ensure that all users can perform their HR-related tasks with ease, saving both time and money for your organisation as a whole!