From Novice to Pro: Dr. Krissy Jones Brings Forex Education With The Forex Library

The Foreign Exchange market – also known as Forex and FX – is thought to be an ancient industry dating back to 6000 BC in Mesopotamia where goods were exchanged between groups with an agreed upon value. Amsterdam is thought to be the advent of the modern foreign exchange market, with the free trade of world currencies to stabilize exchange rates.

From the Gold Standard to the Bretton Woods system, FX has undergone historic changes over the millennia that have led investors and brokers to where we are now. Today’s forex system is characterized by the growth of retail forex trading and increased use of technology.

FX Tech

Forex markets are not void of using technological advancement to improve trading performance. Algorithmic trading software, artificial intelligence (AI), and comprehensive broker sites that analyze market data, pinpoint trading opportunities, and perform technical analysis for the trader are all par for the course.

This complex and dynamic market has evolved far beyond written ledgers and the mental capacity of the brokers themselves. Modern tools like the Forex Library, a forex news and education site created by Dr. Krissy Jones, provide the world with real-time rates, charts, and technical analysis. 

Chart of the Day entries advise of the best times to take profits and stop loss for those who may be working their way into the market or have grown to trust Jones and company’s predictions. Forex news can tell you where the experts are to act accordingly if in doubt.

To learn from the ground up, or improve your prowess, there are lecture series available for traders of all skill levels to grow and build from. With over 300 years of total financial market experience throughout, The Forex Library team is well equipped with time-tested information to help beginners and professionals move up the FX ladder to fiscal greatness. 

Forex Broker and Trader

Dr. Krissy Jones also founded a regulated forex broker – with offices in Asia, London and Puerto Rico – that provides global retail and commercial clients with forex trading services. With a MSB (Money Service Business) License for the US and Canada, Jones and company are advancing the financial moves of its clients in various financial sectors.  

As an experienced forex trader, Dr. Jones invests in CFD trading of various instruments, while authoring breaking news and real-time forex events for The Forex Library. FX traders who trade commodities, crypto, indices, forex and equities have all taken advantage of Dr. Jones’ extensive knowledge in these converging financial platforms to grow leverage and revenue.

Understanding Foreign Exchange

Forex trading sets itself apart through a variety of significant aspects. One of these is continuous global exchange, 24 hours a day, five days a week, aligning with the ever-changing landscape of international finance.

Decentralization is a defining characteristic of emerging technology on a global scale, and FX adheres to this established pattern. Over-the-counter (OTC) transactions occur within a network that includes banks, brokers, and financial institutions, which is distinct from the conventional exchanges. It is within this framework that brokers like Dr. Krissy Jones, use historical market trends to achieve profits.

Forex Luminary: Dr. Krissy Jones

Dr. Krissy Jones’s business acumen is informed by a Doctorate Degree in Business Administration, specializing in strategy and innovation. These honed skills are complemented by a sincere desire to help people establish their own budding financial enterprises.

Her career path began in the health and social care sector, where she showed compassionate excellence as a care manager. Then into the education sector, where she confidently excelled in the role of college professor and lecturer. Dr. Jones’s spirit of entrepreneurship led her into the training industry to build two companies. Notably, one company reached a valuation of £11 million in just two years, while employing more than 50 individuals and earning recognition on the Sunday Times’ list of top workplaces.

Dr. Jones’s fascination with forex trading was significantly influenced by her investment curiosity. As a self-guided trader since 2017, she has been immersed in both fundamental and technical analysis. Dr. Krissy Jones’s experiences in trading and entrepreneurship have shaped her into a dominant figure in the global forex community, where she views successes and mistakes as valuable learning opportunities.

In Conclusion

Dr. Jones has dedicated years to sharpening her expertise in the global market. The integration of entrepreneurial insight, proficiency in foreign exchange, and a doctorate in business has converged to create a generous repository of valuable insights known as The Forex Library. 

Dr. Jones stands as a luminary in the sector, providing valuable mentorship and well-informed insights to traders and enthusiasts. Her track record includes founding prosperous enterprises, overseeing international forex operations and cryptocurrency exchanges, all of which have left a lasting impact on the foreign exchange industry.

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