Dr Anna Becker Presents: The future of AI investing

Since time immemorial, humanity has strived for progress, seeking ways to become better, more efficient, and increasingly intelligent. In financial investing, the same is true. We’ve always sought better, faster, more profitable ways of investing. Over the last century, this pursuit has led us to the captivating realm of artificial intelligence (AI). 

AI as part of a long journey

However, the journey into AI has not always been smooth, as history reveals moments of both ambition and struggle. For example, in 1969, there was an audacious attempt to create a robot named “Shaky,” fusing natural language processing and computer vision. In 1994, the world witnessed an endeavor to craft a self-driving car, while in 1997, the immense power of AI was showcased through the game of chess. Fast forward to 2002, and we welcomed Roomba into our homes, bringing AI closer to our daily lives. In 2014, Google introduced Google Glasses, a remarkable fusion of technology and augmented reality. Just recently, we marveled at DALL-E and chatGPT, AI creations that conjured magical images and crafted writing on par with college-educated students.

Each of these milestones played a role in our journey, contributing to the progress we now see with the real-world application of AI. Today, computer systems have the capacity to perform tasks that traditionally demanded human intelligence, from Elon Musk’s self-driving cars to Boston Scientific’s sensing robots.

Now it’s time for Financial AI

After over two decades of development and hundreds of millions of dollars in investments, the field of financial artificial intelligence has been born. Dr. Anna Becker, the CEO and founder of Endo

Tech, has been at the forefront of this movement. With a PhD in Artificial Intelligence from The Technion Institute, she brings together mathematics and science in finance and investments, managing hundreds of millions of dollars through her AI algorithms. Her work has not only been impactful but has also made many individuals notably wealthier.

What is Motivating this AI Investing Journey?

But what drives this relentless pursuit of AI innovation? Dr. Becker seeks to address a fundamental issue: the lack of fairness in investing and finance. The system, especially in the last decade, has tilted and skewed toward certain groups, making it increasingly difficult for individual investors to secure their fair returns.

Digitization Brings Opportunities, But Favors the Large Investors

The digitalization of trading has ushered in an era where big financial institutions control a significant portion of the market. They invest heavily in acquiring better data, faster access to data, and employ massive mathematical teams to analyze it. In essence, they are well-equipped with exclusive platforms for trading execution. For individual investors, it often feels like they are trading “against the house,” with odds stacked against them.

For those who choose to study investments, good for you. You certainly know that to navigate the complexities of professional trading, is a challenging path that demands unwavering discipline, continuous skill-building, and constant monitoring of the markets. It’s not the passive income many seek, nor is it a casual side job. Even after years of learning and substantial financial backing, there are no guarantees of consistent earnings. Just like not every professional athlete emerges victorious, trading remains a fiercely competitive arena among elite professionals, with substantial stakes at play.

So, how can one effectively compete with investment giants like Morgan Stanley or HSBC? The answer lies in knowing how to harness data, tools, and teams to the utmost precision and efficiency, essentially building and innovating the world’s most advanced artificial intelligence.

Financial AI is Enabling and Improving Investors

Dr. Becker’s life’s work, spanning over 30 years, has led to the development of a system that levels the playing field for investors. In this system, computers execute scientific and mathematical operations to master investment opportunities automatically. AI elements, numbering over 100, work in synergy to beat the market, making decisions faster and more accurately than human traders.

This approach to investing has yielded remarkable results. Automated AI investments through EndoTech have empowered many to achieve financial breakthroughs. The bottom line is simple: it’s about leveling the investing playing field, enabling investors to compete with the largest firms and earn their fair returns.

It’s clear, the future of investing lies in the transformative power of AI. Dr. Anna Becker, with her profound expertise, has spearheaded the development of AI systems that bring fairness and opportunity to the world of finance. The next frontier in investing beckons, where AI provides the edge needed to succeed in a complex and rapidly evolving financial landscape.

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