Can SoundOn upload my release to TikTok if I am using another distributor for other services?

Can SoundOn upload my release to TikTok if I am using another distributor for other services?

As a musician, it’s essential to get your music heard and distributed across various platforms, including social media, streaming services, and other digital stores. With the increasing popularity of TikTok, musicians are eager to distribute their music on this platform to reach a wider audience. If you’re an artist using another distributor for other services, the good news is that you can still use SoundOn to upload a release to TikTok.

Here are the two critical things to keep in mind when setting up your release on SoundOn:

  1. Communicate with your other distributor not to deliver your music to TikTok or TikTok music. By doing so, you prevent your music from being delivered by two different distributors and avoid conflicting metadata and royalty claims.
  2. Ensure the metadata you provide to your other distributor matches exactly with the metadata you entered for the release in your SoundOn account. The metadata includes UPC, ISRCs, artist name, album and track titles, and other essential information that identifies your release in the music industry.

If you’re using SoundOn for TikTok distribution and another distributor for other services, it’s crucial to maintain consistency in your metadata to prevent any conflicting issues.

SoundOn: Maintain 100% Ownership of Your Music and Artist-Friendly Royalties

SoundOn is a comprehensive music distribution platform designed to help independent musicians and labels get their music onto major streaming platforms, including TikTok. The platform provides significant benefits, including maintaining full ownership of your work and offering artist-friendly royalties that adhere to your earnings.

Keep 100% royalties from ByteDance platforms, 100% royalties from global platforms in year 1, and 90% from the second year onwards without any administration fees or exclusive licenses. The platform offers a fair distribution system that empowers independent artists to navigate a complex landscape of digital stores and streaming services.

With SoundOn, you can easily upload your music to TikTok while maintaining full ownership and control over your work. You can also generate a UPC and ISRCs to share with your other distributor or use the ISRCs and UPC they provide, as long as they are consistent with the metadata entered into SoundOn.


By utilizing SoundOn to upload your music to TikTok, you can maintain full ownership of your work, ensure artist-friendly royalties, and avoid conflicting metadata issues. As an independent musician, the platform offers excellent benefits that can help expand your fan base, increase your revenue, and grow your music career.