Biography of Andrey Monosov — Founder and CEO of IA Tech

A successful business is not always founded on multi-million dollar investments. Sometimes, relentless hard work and entrepreneurial talent is all it takes to become a market leader. Andrey Monosov is a businessman who managed to create one of the biggest IT companies in the segment without any outside investment.

His biography is a story of continuous goal achievement, competent planning, and colossal motivation. Let’s talk about how the entrepreneur managed to climb to success and create a company that became one of the leaders in its niche without any outside investments.

Andrey Monosov’s Biography

From a young age, the future entrepreneur was interested in technology and programming. But even then, he knew that his life would be connected with business and economics. Setting goals in the teen years and consistently achieving them helped him reach his full potential.


Andrey Monosov was born on October 22, 1988 in Moscow. Entrepreneurship was a foreign concept to his parents — his father, Leonid Monosov, was a teacher who had to change his occupation and become a driver, and his mother Helen was a doctor.

Andrey took an interest in business when he was still in high school. It was then that he earned his first money from simple services like hardware repairs and software installation. Beyond that, the future entrepreneur played sports, did well in school, and all in all, was an active and well-rounded kid.

University Years

After graduating from school, Andrey Monosov chose economics as his future profession. He was accepted into the desired program at a large university in the capital city and later successfully defended his final thesis.

By the time he graduated from the university, Andrey had already realized that he wanted to run his own business. And so he began to research unoccupied markets and promising business ideas. The future entrepreneur calculated the required start-up capital for companies in various industries and came to the conclusion that the most accessible and promising solution would be to enter an underserved IT market.

However, having no relevant experience, Andrey Monosov did not dare to start a business at the time. He also did not wish to raise any outside capital, and there were several reasons for that. Firstly, the future entrepreneur did not like the very idea of ​​​​searching for investors. Secondly, he did not want to take on unnecessary obligations. Thirdly, he felt that he was capable of building his capital on his own.

Andrey Monosov and his Career Journey

The future businessman never wanted to be an ordinary office employee and work for somebody else. As a young university graduate, he had two initial goals — to gain management experience and to build seed capital to start his own business.

Bad Start

Andrey Monosov began his career in one of the many banks in the capital. He completed his internship and worked as a junior specialist for some time. He constantly strived for professional development and set high career goals for himself.

However, the management had no intention of promoting young employees. Career growth depended solely on the “years of service.” When Andrey realized that, he decided to quit. But his next bank was no different in this regard. Once again, after working as a junior specialist for less than six months, the future entrepreneur handed in his notice.

Career in Consulting

After that, Andrey Monosov’s career began to transform. He was lucky to get a job in a company where the management was focused on the growth and comprehensive development of the employees. The future businessman started out as an entry-level employee but managed to become the head of the marketing department of a major company in the consulting sector.

His responsibilities included:

  • creating advertising and marketing strategies;
  • interviewing junior managers;
  • building a strong corporate reputation;
  • working on the company’s image;
  • forging connections with the audience.

Andrey Monosov worked as a senior manager here for several years. It came as a surprise for everyone when, in 2015, he decided to resign from his position. The only reason for this step was his desire to start his own business. However, it did not happen right away, as the planning stage took longer than the entrepreneur initially expected.

History of IA Tech

Andrey recalls that his business started with several computers, a rented space in a residential neighborhood in ​​Moscow, and a staff of 5 people. But the company quickly established itself as a market leader.

Business Planning

The planning stage took two years. The entrepreneur studied the market, main competitors, and prospects of various niches. It was important for him to create a company that would be able to move in the right direction from the get-go.

First Days and Business Development

2017 was marked by the founding of IA Tech. And so Andrey Monosov became the owner of his own IT company. The company began providing B2B services, with its main area of ​expertise being automation software solutions. Simply put, IA Tech helped businesses optimize and automate their key processes.

Over time, the owner of IA Tech introduced several changes that proved to be important for the company’s development:

  1. He revised the staff policy and hired experienced HR managers who were able to recruit over 20 IT specialists in just a year.
  2. He changed the motivation system for the employees, whose income now depended on the company’s results, making their own performance profitable to them.
  3. He stopped outsourcing the key tasks — from that point on, only the tasks related to legal issues, accounting and other business processes were transferred to third-party companies, but all main projects were led by the staff.
  4. He started to rely more on long-term partnerships — and many clients stayed with the company for years.
  5. He launched his own products — today, IA Tech produces business process automation tools under its own brand.

Andrey admitted that in many ways he was forced to learn from his mistakes. However, thanks to the timely and necessary adjustments, he was able to lead his company to the forefront of the industry. Today, IA Tech is one of the major players in the market. It gained the trust of leading companies from various industries. Thousands of people nowadays use the developer’s software.

The entrepreneur notes that as the CEO he seeks to ensure the company’s sustainable development. There is no personnel crisis in IA Tech today. The company is rapidly expanding, but it continues to rely on quality rather than quantity. The entrepreneur often has to decline orders from new clients due to the heavy workload of the team.

Businessman’s Personal Life

Andrey Monosov is married. He once said in an interview that he met his wife when they were both quite young. Today, the couple has three children, and their youngest daughter is less than one year old. That is why the entrepreneur tries to devote almost all his free time to the family.

But sometimes he finds rare moments to enjoy his hobbies too. The businessman plays sports, loves high-quality music, and plays the guitar. Another one of his hobbies is traveling — over the years, he has visited dozens of countries around the world.

Andrey also has a special place in his heart for charity. The businessman’s father, Leonid Monosov, says that his son provides help to many different people and organizations. But he never does it publicly. The businessman himself avoids questions about his philanthropy. He notes that he has achieved good results in business and life and can afford not to use helping other people as a PR tool.