A Tech Maverick Unveils the Future of Business Automation with Groundbreaking SAP Interface Innovation

What is a one-time solution that replaces expensive consultations for project implementation? The answer lies in Arnd Dixit’s one-of-a-kind Pre-sales Interface Cockpit©. This SAP add-on solution aims at simplifying complex business requirements at a minimum implementation cost. When this happens, the business can focus solely on testing. 

Now, together with his company, Nord Invasion AB, he has been working across European and Australian businesses for the last 20 years. Take a look at how he worked the magic of creating this One-Stop Solution below!

What inspired them? 

Every founder must have solid core beliefs that power their product. Arnd embraced his business failures as his own until he had developed an ideal model vision to create the ADDON Tool. Furthermore he believed improving the business sales business operations is to keep it adaptive to changing technologies and trends innovatively. 

After implementing the SAP ADDON Tool the Pre-sales Interface Cockpit©, maintenance and support is usual business to take care of in the daily operations. This is a shorter life cycle than used by global consultancies which tend to extend the implementation phase longer increasing costs and timelines. Arnd’s SAP interface aims at core problem solving rather than giving quick fixes that are short-lived. All this and more takes place without hampering the company’s operations. IT and business tasks are segregated and tailored according to client requests. Rather than a months-long period for planning, and processing, businesses can control and map their data on the backend system and perform testing getting a quick turnaround saving thousands of dollars.

How can they do this? Keep reading to find out.

What can they do? 

Expert businesses require innovative services. The Pre-Sales Cockpit Interface© has the following feature to up your business game: 

  • Seamless order parking before creation ensures orders are correctly created reducing errors
  • E-invoicing made easy through BIS 3.0 which is Peppol and Pint compliant
  • Smooth data exchange through SOAP or REST protocols
  • Flawless collaboration with API providers using Point to Point instead of using Middleware pass-through. Alternatively the use of both can be accommodated depending on the IT architecture that is supported
  • Take your business to the next level with SAP BTP and S/4Hana Cloud integration   
  • Pre-Sales Interface COCKPIT lets companies move from a model where sales order processing business logic is distributed through many satellite systems and legacy landscapes to a global model. The global model has a centralized Business/IT logic within the SAP for sales order processing
  • Provide a business friendly solution that can be leveraged any time a sales order needs to be created using EDIFACT, XML, Excel Upload, BAPI, PDF, IDOC. Mass Order Creation and Quick Order Entry allow data to be presented and managed as business data
  • Allows the system to manage the daily operations. Business users only need to review and manage exceptions and review the contents
  • Allows data to be automatically and manually created and checked prior to becoming a sales order.
  • Visibility and user friendly handling of errors 
  • There is no standard SAP counterpart to this solution which brings Business in the forefront and IT thereafter


What are the benefits? 

What are the benefits of the results that the Pre-Sale Cockpit Interface can achieve? What can all this innovative solution offer your company? Here are the answers to all such questions: 

Lesser middleware dependency 

When the middleman is removed, any service becomes direct and faster than before. Similarly, our backend logic makes it easier for the customer to make their orders without relying on any supplier product codes. The whole process becomes rapid and smoother than before. 

Seamless maintenance 

Any system needs a good maintenance function to keep it working without any glitches. The SAP Add-on solution ensures any glitches are detected head-on and repaired without disturbing mainstream company operations. Any IT issues are automatically redirected to the IT team. 


Companies are regularly being overcharged for expensive consultation and project implementation services in the market. They can save this cost if a one-time Add-On solution is incorporated. As a result, the clients will only need to test and evaluate the compliance when they send e-invoices to end customers and government agencies. The e-invoices will also be valid according to the regulatory standards. 

Dependency on middleware also resorts to higher costs of maintenance, expertise and resources. This solution replaces these costs drastically as all functions like mappings, business logic are on the backend system and controlled by core business teams – all while remaining transparent.

So no more cutting corners to invest in the needful. The benefits of Nord Invasion AB’s Pre-Sales Cockpit solution include centralized activity on one dashboard. Time is money and nobody knows this better than Arnd Dixit! 


There is no end to complicated SAP add-ons in the market, but the USP of this SAP ADDON Tool is a highly user-friendly interface as it focuses on business and not IT. 

Due to its centralized dashboard, many features and functions can be managed and controlled in one single screen – mainly Order Capture and e-Invoicing. Clients and customers are both highly satisfied with its easy usage. 

Order creation simplified

There are reduced errors in order creation due to the many technologies this program supports. For instance, IDOCs, EDIFACT, XML, PDF, and BAPI directly into the system. Quick entry order creation allows a faster way to park orders. It is also possible to create mass orders with ultimate ease. The Web proxy using SOAP allows for lesser waiting time due to no middleware systems. 

What are users saying? 

Users of the interface are constantly updating positive feedback about it. One of the key areas it has improved the well-known company Swiss Krono is their daily operations where repetitive registering was resulting in wasted time and effort. The company’s senior executive, Jarek Rewinski, reported that fixing errors on the same page gave increased flexibility for on-screen operations. He also swears by the extended material search function. This function is making the rounds about the comfort it is giving customers. It enables an uncomplicated method for searching materials based on color, characteristics, or size.  SAP standards enable capturing an order manually takes at least 4 to 5 mts.  Arnd`s tool requires simultaneously using different mediums like mass excel upload option, BAPI, EDIFACT, XML, WEB proxy 100 per minute automatically this is a clear winner as stated.

Uwe Störzinger, a business expert comments, that Arnd’s “SAP add-on tool, the Presales Interface Cockpit/Suite©, generates business value especially in such distributed environments. With the possibility to upload sales orders in various formats and in bulk, a professional monitoring of exceptions and errors and a decoupled plausibility check, the tool closes the gap to user-friendly sales order capturing”.  

Other enterprise architects appreciate the way errors are displayed in a comprehensible language. As well as this, the feature that stood out in reviews was the locking of goods without any fixity, and can be checked for quality issues before creation.  

The Verdict 

The final verdict calls for a nod to the Pre-Sales Cockpit Interface/Suite© by Arnd Dixit. This versatile program can be implemented in any industry and supports many languages on its user interface and documentation. It has been tailor-made for both international as well as local best practices. It works well with: 

  •  SAP ERP on Premise
  • SAP S/4Hana Cloud
  • SAP S/4HANA Enterprise Management – on Premise

So, what are you waiting for? Give your business a much-needed upgrade with the Pre-Sales Cockpit Interface/Suite© by Arnd Dixit! 


Author: [Gayatri Suri]